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Welcome to the Modern Geometry Technology Resources Center. Modern Geometry makes use of a variety of modeling technologies to promote concept development and engage students in meaningful mathematical tasks. Each of the figures pictured below is a link to a report created by one or more of my students in recent years. I recommend that you review the reports and think about the integration of mathematical concepts, procedures, applications, communications, and technologies seen there. If you like what you see, then I invite you to take advantage of these technologies yourself. When you do, I believe that you will find this approach to mathematics education exciting, empowering, and rewarding.


Best wishes,

David A. Thomas

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Ball State University

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Modern Geometry provides a historically grounded, applications oriented, technology rich survey of Euclidean, hyperbolic, transformation, fractal, and projective geometry. With only a few exceptions, the modeling tools and data sets described in the text are available on the Modern Geometry CD-ROM or via the WWW. Using these Technology Resources, you may investigate Euclidean constructions like the nine-point-circle, explore hyperbolic space, create your own fractals, measure and model landscapes features using remote sensing data, and design realistic architectural structures. Doing so will deepen your understanding of and appreciation for the concepts, procedures, and applications presented in the text.


Note: No warranty is stated or implied relative to the performance of any of the Modern Geometry Technology Resources on any computer or computer network. Any problems or expenses that arise as a consequence using the Modern Geometry Technology Resources are strictly the responsibility of the user.



Sample Student Reports


Modern Geometry Technologies


Chapter 1

History of Geometry


WWW Information Resources

        MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

        Links to URLs Listed in the Text


CD-ROM Information Resources

        MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

        Models & Investigations Listed in the Text

        Supplementary Investigations

        Solutions to Selected Odd-numbered Exercises





CD-ROM Software and Data Files

Chapter 2

Euclidean Geometry




        3dem60 files


        dem3D files

        DesignWorkshop Lite files


        Fractal Coastline

        Genesis II files

        Geometers Sketchpad files

        Java Kali

        Microsoft Excel files

        MSW Logo files

        Scion Image files

        The Chaos Game



Chapter 3

Hyperbolic Geometry



Chapter 4

Transformation Geometry


Chapter 5

Fractal Geometry



Chapter 6

Projective Geometry



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